Commercial Solar PV Installations

Pure Electrics & Energy Ltd are specialists in all aspects of commercial solar installations from roof mounted systems to ground mounted arrays.

Pure Electrics & Energy Ltd will deal with all aspects of your Solar Installations from system designs and DNO applications to FIT (Feed in Tariff) and ROOFIT applications.

We also complete full structural, wind and snow loading calculations as well as providing a full EPC/SAP calculations for the site if this is required.

Commercial Solar PV Installations

Pure Electrics & Energy Ltd will select panels and inverter systems to suit the needs of every individual installation and install quickly and with minimal disruption to your business.

Choosing a solar PV system is a major decision for a company and we aim to make the whole process as easy and informative as possible to ensure you get exactly the right system for your business.

Your specific requirements and circumstances will determine the number of panels we fit which in turn decides the amount of electricity production and the level of cost and returns. We can install commercial systems of all sizes depending upon the amount of useable roof space or space for ground mounted panels you have available.

Following the initial contact, one of our experienced engineers will visit your premises to discuss your requirements and carry out a survey. They will then discuss all the options with you and will provide a detailed written quotation.

Commercial Solar PV Installations

Solar PV systems on commercial buildings provide a reliable means of energy generation and an effective way to reduce carbon emissions as well as making a visual statement about your green credentials. Installing Solar PV at your business premises will reduce your running costs, especially if your premises are in operation primarily during the day

Feed-in-tariffs (FITs) or (ROCs) Renewable Incentive Obligations, bring significant financial incentives for the installation of solar PV systems to business or commercial properties. This includes shops, schools, village halls, hospitals, landlords, farmers, care homes, churches, supermarkets, or any other business premises.

PV systems can be fitted to almost any roof structure that faces between South-East and South-West.  We can fit solar panels to a flat roof by adding a mounting system that tilts to the required angle. Ideally, a solar PV system needs to be free of shade to get the best efficiency and produce maximum power.